SHOCK ROCKET - Lay Down On Me 

New generation hair metal from Italy

They also have an official COlombian Fan Page on Facebook, check it out!

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Guys met Valo near his house - he went back from the store. There were just fast food products in his packet. Valo himself was in a good mood, so with kind of joy let his fans to take some pictures. Guys asked him about music – Ville said that towards the winter they’ll release a compilation (maybe there’ll be the best songs of HIM), and there’ll be the brand new song called “Strange world”.

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Ville Valo with fans

From what I’ve read these pics were taken just a few days ago in Finland. I don’t know who these lucky fans are. Congrats to them for meeting Ville and getting some cool photos. 

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(Source: him-vastreetteam)

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He knows what he’s talking about ❤


He knows what he’s talking about ❤

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